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Fire police are volunteer firefighters with special police training who are responsible for traffic control, crowd control, fire and incident scene security, apparatus security, and station security during calls for service.

They also assist regular police when needed, performing road closures, traffic control, crowd control at public events, missing persons searches, parade details, salvage, security, etc. The primary role of the Fire Police is to provide support for operational requirements at moderate to major incidents.

Captain of Tuxedo Fire Police: Thomas Murphy Co.3

Members Co1

Members Co2

Members Co3

Don Derbyshire - Lieutenant

Ray Brady - Treasurer

Skip Briggs - Secretary

Bart La Bar

Ed Brennan

Rip Brooks

Ken Miller

Calvin DeMond

Ken J. McGrady


Bob Mazzucca - Lieutenant

Ken R. McGrady


Dave McGrady

Rod Merkley



Tom Murphy



Michael Witt


Fire police exist in fourteen states of the United States including New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and some other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand. They must take an oath of office and be sworn in by a magistrate, judge or justice of the peace. At fire service incidents, fire police assume the full powers of a police constable.


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